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Data is the new oil.  

MAVOCO is the new pipline
We connect everyTHING



anywhere in Europe




MAVOCO wants to be the trusted partner who manages the data flow between devices and devices and devices and humans, provides the cloud where the data is stored until it is used.











MAVOCO provides M2M connectivity in 161 Countries with more than 400 Networks

Our M2M connectivity services are available to companies faster than from any other source and can be blended into their products and processes with much less effort than any other.

Our M2M connectivity services are based on a portfolio of international wholesale agreements with Network Operators for global and local needs.

This enables us to provide an ideal M2M connectivity service based on specific customer needs: geography, network quality levels, price, contractual flexibility, etc.




everything `s connected

We provide M2M, IoT Connectivity and an Application Enabling Platform optimally adapted to your geographical needs
Static Location,
Limited Region,

Onetime fee, flat-fee, pre-paid, post-paid or mixed tariffs? We follow your business model.

We provide SIM cards and SIM chips in all different formats, white labelled, branded with our without packaging, however you need. We can distribute, manage the lifecycle and even create the customer bill for you.

We are the M2M  /IoT connectivity specialist.
You can focus confidently to your core business.
That keeps it simple.

Just tell us some simple facts and we provide you the best offer for your requirements.

We follow your business model.

Most of the operators worldwide do not offer Voice as part of their M2M portfolio.

We strongly believe Voice as an OTT service, will give many of the M2M services an additional value. Good examples are: emergency calls, calls from industrial machines, cars or business vehicles to service centres or dispatchers.

MAVOCO provides a carrier-grade, high quality white labelled VoIP / GSM Callback Service that can be used via smartphones, tablets, desktops, smart TVs, etc.

Our white labelled App Software can also be embedded to any suitable device that is to be enhanced with voice communication capabilities.

perfectly integrated voice

With MAVOCloud you can take the advantage of saving upfront investment, time to market and learning costs.

The MAVOCO Management Cloud is one of the elements that helps you to channel lots of the benefits we provide.

We offer:

  • Subscription Lifecycle Management and Business Process support
  • Managed Charging and Billing
  • Payment Services
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Multi-tenancy / Multi-branding

This provides incredible value to our customers who do not have their own Platforms to manage communications services.

Through this cloud software we make it possible for you to access a large part of the nearly two-thousand of mobile networks existing in the World from one single point and in harmony with the way you conduct your business today.


Anton Cabrespina

Anton Cabrespina

Co-Founder, CEO / CSO

“Customers expect from MAVOCO that they have to look no further for their M2M connectivity. They want to use M2M connectivity, not to worry about it”

Helmut Lehner

Helmut W. Lehner

Co-Founder, CEO / COO

“We follow a simple rule, whatever we do, it needs to bring value to our customers. This approach ensures that we plan, design and use our resources, business processes and IT systems in the best way.”

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